Hook, line and sinker

This freshly discovered gadget is very high on my wishlist ^-^.

In summer I could go camping and glow with the fireflies while crocheting stuff!


Went crazy at my favorite wool-store – How woolish is that?


Oh I really dunnow…

The Versace for H&M collection is coming up and oh, I really don’t know.

While straightforward sexy-ness and blinding glamour are not my particular taste I have to admit the colorful eclecticism managed to somewhat stir my interest. But that’s probably just Susie Bubble spreading her Hawaii-shirt fever. Let’s see wether I’ll manage to find a cure until the launch.




What were teen vogue’s intentions when placing Alexa Chung with her famous undone hairdo (or should I say hair-undo) next to hair styling tricks “that will change your look”?!

Understatement, an attempt to maintain balance – or pure coincidence? I guess we’ll never know.


Blog 2.0

Since my first blog crashed shortly after takeoff, never quite reaching the blogosphere I hereby present you blog 2.0.

For a very short introduction: I’m a fashion Student at the University of Art and Design Linz, blogging about everything that comes to my mind!